On the hemp side companies are extracting CBD. On the Medical Cannabis side companies are extracting THC. So WHY does a farmer have to destroy their hemp crop when the THC can be removed? It is all the same plant. There should not be a limit of THC in a crop at all, the product regulations[…]

Farmer or Police

Spawned by PA, but all about hemp.

Many states have implemented regulations for industrial hemp since Colorado passed HB12-1099 in 2012, but many still don’t understand the legal circumstances where hemp is misunderstood. Pennsylvania is one of those states. In October 9, 2001 the DEA Clarifies Status of Hemp in the Federal Register, but this was addressed by the DEA v. HIA[…]

Jason Lauve

(Full resume available upon request) FROM FARM TO FARMERS Jason Lauve started out as a New York City kid who got to experience more than just the concrete jungle at Manhattan Country School, where the children lived on a farm in upstate NY.  Milking cows, dying wool and interacting with nature and animals in this[…]