Energy Blend: Could hemp be the next viable energy source?

It looks like USHempEnergy is the trademark owner of HempCoal.

“The potential energy uses may be to gasify, then scrub and liquefy it to diesels and gas fuel,” said Jason Lauve.

Lauve, also known as Mister Hemp, is founder of Hemp Cleans — an organization that works for the regulation, cultivation and research and development of industrial hemp.

He was among the speakers at September’s Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado 2017 Economic Development Summit, which was held in Craig.

“Hemp has become a very vivid conversation in areas with a good deal of agriculture in their economies, so we talked about bringing Jason on — as he is very knowledgeable about the subject — so that he could share what he knows with people in Northwest Colorado who may not have been exposed to the idea,” said AGNC Executive Director Bonnie Peterson.

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