Jason Lauve – Hemp’s Industrial Man!!!! The architect of Industrial Hemp

Jason has been the figurehead at the front of the march. He wrote the Industrial Hemp Remediation Program Act for Colorado. He is traveling to Canada (Nov. 4th-11th) and California (Nov. 12) to speak about his Remediation Program and the Colorado future of Hemp. This is a huge piece of the puzzle to get “outside eyes” on our program and to get people to rally behind the act. Once we, the consumers, start to make a conscience decision to buy sustainable, organic, and USA made hemp products we will see the cost of many things decrease. We now pay for shipping of many items that we can manufacturer domestically now with industrial Hemp. Imagine an IKEA store…that was grown, made, and sold in the USA….now you can see the potential we are talking about with HEMP!!!!

The complete article is here

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