Weed Activists in Colorado Oppose the State’s 16 Homegrown Plant Cap

The state says they’re reining in the black market. Medical patients and activists like Jason Lauve disagree.

Last week, a house committee ruled 11-2 in favor of HB17-1220, a bill that would enact a statewide cap on marijuana home grows to 16 plants per household.

According to the state legislature, the cap is needed to curb cartel activity in Colorado. Several large-scale grows operated by organized crime were busted last year for growing massive amounts of pot to illegally export out of the state, which some legislators argued was an exploitation of Colorado’s medical marijuana system.

“This is an important step Colorado needs to take to protect the medical and recreational marijuana system that we have in place,” said House Majority Leader KC Becker (D-Boulder) during last Friday’s debate at Colorado’s House of Representatives. “We have made commitments. We’re going to make sure that that system isn’t used to divert marijuana into the illegal market. Right now there’s a loophole where people can grow large amounts of marijuana at home legally and divert it onto the illegal market.”

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