October 5, 2016

Cannabis Patient Education

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Don’t Believe The Government Hype!

Patient Education for Patients Safety and Protection
OCTOBER 21st, 2016

Patient Driven by Jason Lauve

Jason Lauve, the Man Who Won the First Battle and Lit the Cannabis Fuse in Colorado”


Jason Lauve has become an icon of the struggle by those who need to consume medical Cannabis to make their conditions bearable. He has also become an example proving that it is possible to win the cannabis battle in the courts with the law on his side. His case from August 2009, some say, could be considered the first step taken towards the legalization of cannabis in Colorado.

I got my Cannabis back in the court room.

You have been mislead

  • “Red Card”

  • Plant Counts

  • Your Choice vs. Doctors opinion


    1. Cannabis Patients and Social Use
    2. Are you GROWING for your needs?
    3. The Health Department LIES!
    4. Cannabis Associations are for Businesses.
    5. The Colorado “RED” Card and the TRUTH!
  • Amendment 20
  • Amendment 64
  • Medical Necessity and Ol’ Law
  • Medical Marijuana Centers, Dispensing, and your access?
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    OCTOBER 21st
    6 – 7pm