July 16, 2013


The design and building documents are finished, Starting in December 2016 with CannaCosta 2016.

Welcome to the CR Hemp House Project in Costa Rica.Site Map_001_s

Taking the house farther with passive solar.

/var/www/html/download/temp/18654746.pdfAs a building material, hemp combined with lime is non-toxic, highly insulating and mold, pest and fire-resistant. Latitude 10 North_s Hemp has shown it can drastically cut the energy used and money spent heating and cooling homes by approximately 75 percent.  This is where Team Hemp House comes in.  I see this as the launching pad for this industry!

CR Hemp House is a demo house for us to launch hemp as a major component in the construction and building industry.  There are multi-faceted opportunities for this plant to be utilized in many aspects of our lives – From foundations to furnishings CR Hemp House will contain everything manufactured from hemp as proof of what this amazing plant can do, including: walls, floors, roof, counters, curtains, tiles, couches, chairs, tables, rugs, bedding, towels, soap, and food on the table.

Fire Resistant
Retains heat and remains cool – so no toxic insulation materials!
Lightweight and fast to build
Sequesters C02
No out-gassing
Provides earthquake resistant building material
Vapor Permeable (breathable)
Pest Resistant

We are thrilled to be launching this opportunity for our community to come together in a brand new way launching the hemp industry and revolutionizing our health, ecology, economy, it’s just win win win all around.  We thank our growing list of sponsors and invite you to come aboard too.

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