July 9, 2013



Imagine the car, phone, and internet being invented at the same time. The United States is in a very unique position in regards to industrial hemp. Because of a few key factors, hemp production and sales are going to increase. Transportation, soil and weather conditions, accessible market and other details are potential advantages for the U.S. to have a considerable increase over many markets.
American made products, let alone Colorado made, are a major area of growth in the hemp market. Currently, hemp is still a niche market and it has not reached the potential volume it has in the food, medical, construction, agriculture, civil infrastructure, transportation, energy, and other markets. This is due to a plethora of reasons, however there is a clear strategic path to move forward with.

Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure!

“Imagine the telephone, car and Internet all being invented at once.”

Yes it is complicated, but there are many aspects which overlap and if we had the opportunity to rebuild it all from scratch it would look a lot different today.

Hemp is in the same position, we had it and it was taken away. Today there is a huge opportunity to build an integrated supply and processing chain for the emergent growth of hemp in America. This is an extremely complex phased approach to an efficient and environmentally sound integration into what already exists today.

Mr. Hemp has developed a comprehensive approach to this complex relationship with hemp. Policy, business, community and individuals all need to thrive as we phase hemp into our lifestyles and the guiding principal as our gauge is the quality of our environment.

The following illustration is of the outline which Mr Hemp has developed to address the ideal growth of infrastructure in the redevelopment of American hemp.


Videos earlyAdoptersColorado is in a very unique position with many industrial hemp opportunities.


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