July 6, 2016

CV – Experience


Jason Lauve is considered the innovator and leading light in Industrial Hemp development in the United States of America and in 2012 drafted the first successful hemp legislation in Colorado. Since then, Mr. Lauve has been instrumental in the momentum of North Carolina’s law and encouraged the cascade of bills across the country, not that they are all good ones. We still have a lot of work to do.

As the founder of Hemp Cleans LLC., he demonstrated that the plant has remediation properties for soil, water, and air and has since initiated the decorticator currently in N. Carolina, in addition to projects in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Korea, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and other places around the world.

Using architecture, urban planning, environmental design, and computer skills, Jason has positively influenced how people thrive and live day to day on a local and international scale. He has worked on high profile scientific projects such as cellulosic ethanol visualization for National Research Energy Labs, designed additions, private residences, commercial buildings, and helped develop guidelines for future communities,

His farming experience started in 1977 in upstate NY, milking cows, dying wool, sapping trees for maple syrup and cooperating with nature. This has been the foundation of everything Mr. Lauve has accomplished. In addition, his toolset of skills includes 20 years of scientific animation experience, speaking, teaching, and production.

Today, he travels the world speaking to farmers and communities about Cannabis for health and industrial uses and is currently in Guatemala.

2011- HempCleans.com Founder and Executive Director of a grassroots non-profit striving for regulation and cultivation of industrial hemp.
2003- Lauve.com Cannabis consulting for medicinal Cannabis patients needing assistance, policy for Industrial hemp, hemp construction projects, production, processing, and development.


2018 CCI Western District Meeting Presentation on Hemp for Post-Wildfire Remediation. 8/24
2018 Southern Tier Hemp Summit The event featured hemp industry leaders from across the country to help educate, network, and plan the future of hemp in New York. 6/29
2017 AGNC economic development summit Jason Lauve, also known as “Mister Hemp,” speaks about hemp and its present and future economic value to industry at the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado Economic Summit in Craig on Friday. 9/18
2017 Puerto Rico Llevan El “Rally 420” Hasta El Capitolio 4/20
2015 CannaCosta-Costa Rica Presentation on Hemp and Cannabis in Costa Rica. 6/15
2014 North Carolina Industrial Hemp Bill Contributor to the bill: Concerning the establishment of industrial hemp regulations.
2013 Colorado Senate Bill 13-241 Industrial Hemp Regulations Dept of Agriculture Co-creator of the bill with Senator Corum
Jason Lauve is the innovator and leading light to move Industrial Hemp into Colorado and the United States of America.
Years of work have come together in these two legislative creations.
2012 Colorado House Bill 12-1099 Title 25 Article 18.7 Phytoremediation Hemp Remediation Pilot Program Author of the bill with Representative Wes McKinley Concerning the establishment of industrial hemp remediation pilot program to study phytoremediation through the growth of hemp on contaminated, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
Signed by Governor Hickenlooper on June 4th, 2012
2012 iCannabisRadio Station Director, technology, software and hardware implementation, logo design, and website construction. In the first 5 weeks I was able to turn the network into a recognized Cannabis resource, and we won a Denver Westword Award for ‘Best Place to Tune In, While Tuned Out’ in 2012.
2010-2012 Cannabis Heath News Magazine Publisher, Editor, Writer, Sales, etc.
2009 Wins Cannabis Trial First Cannabis Patient to WIN a trial & get my 2 pounds 2 ounces (minus what the police smoked) back in the court room. Boulder, Colorado 8/6
2003-2009 Faculty Professor, RMCAD Maya animation professor for Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Jason wrote the class structure and syllabus for, and taught 3D modeling, 3-D Hi-End Computer Animation Lighting & Materials, Dynamics & Special Effects and 3-D Computer Animation Concepts and Techniques, as well as Character Rigging and Media Delivery and Techniques. Many of my students are now working for companies like, Disney, Pixar, Lockheed Martin, Tundra Media, Lola Special Effects, and many others. Two of my students have received an Oscar for their Special Effects work in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”
www.RMCAD.edu Lakewood, Colorado.
1996-2009 3D Animation Instructor Maya animation instructor for clients such as Ball Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, 42 Productions and G.W. Hannaway & Associates. www.gwha.com, www.42productions.com Boulder, Colorado
2006-2010 3D Embodiment Game designer and animation for education
2002-2003 9/11 WORLD TRADE CENTER COLLAPSE INSURANCE LITIGATION: ANIMATOR Silverstein Group Insurance litigation, architect/animator www.zaxis.com Denver, Colorado
1998- 2006 TOPAZ STUDIOS Multi-media production and development designer and technical illustrator for projects ranging in scale from a logo to designing over a dozen buildings and private residences as well as developing custom needs for companies including NovaZen, Solant, Zapotec, and Rustics Bread.
Boulder, Colorado
2002 PAX TV: ENCOUNTERS OF THE UNEXPLAINED-ANIMATION Multiple animations including a reconstruction of the flight TWA 800 crash over Long Island, spontaneous combustible humans, and the opening of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb for a total of 6 shows. Boulder, Colorado
2001 NATIONALRENEWABLE ENERGY LABORATORY Cellulase Enzyme Animation – We won 1st place in the National Association of Government Communicator’s Gold Screen awards. Boulder, Colorado
2001 ROCKY FLATS CLOSURE PROJECT ANIMATION and INTERACTIVE INFORMATION CD Interactive fly-through of closure project.
Boulder, Colorado
1998 ZAPADNI MESTO (West City) PRAGUE 13, CZECH REPUBLIC Developed comprehensive design guidelines for a development of 3 towns in an area outside the main city of Prague Praha 13, Czech Republic.
1997 SONY-INTERACTIVE MAP Design and coding of a topographical map of Patagonia. Boulder, Colorado