U.S. Government Holding the U.S.A. HOSTAGE…with Words!

DEA has no jurisdiction and the FDA is a pharmaceutical front group.


NPR HEADLINE: “DEA Rejects Attempt To Loosen Federal Restrictions On Marijuana”

They can’t deny something that they have no jurisdiction over.

Many people have very little knowledge of law and just Parrot what they hear without checking the validity of it. The United States is being held hostage by the DEA and FDA by using words against you!

Why would the DEA or FDA change the “lay of the land” even if they had jurisdiction? They have so much money and control to lose. The fact that many people point out the fact that the DEA states that there is NO MEDICAL VALUE to Cannabis is absolutely false; HOWEVER, people still “ask” permission to change their stance. If we all go back to the point in time when congress “made” Cannabis illegal or when Nixon started the WAR ON POVERTY….excuse me, WAR ON DRUGS, then we can see that our system of checks and balances FAILED COMPLETELY.

In regards to hemp, I’ve been saying that the federal hemp bill section 7606 ONLY protects the entities from being penalized by existing law, it NEVER changed anything about growing hemp. Hemp has ALWAYS BEEN LEGAL TO GROW, but representatives of Canadian organizations filled our ears with contrary information. ANY PRIVATE PERSON CAN GROW HEMP FOR HORTICULTURAL PURPOSES, read the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, Article 28 and 23

It is now time for people to recognize that WE THE PEOPLE are fighting this convoluted history, but WE must also fight the so called Cannabis organizations who DO NOT have your best interests in mind.

Get up off your knees and stand tall in the face of tyranny.

STOP for a second and think… “Do I really believe that money is influencing the way these organizations do business?”

This just underlines my stance ever since I was involved in creating Colorado’s Hemp law. The people who attempted to write 7606 didn’t know what they were doing. This also shows that the DEA has no jurisdiction. I have a whole lot to say about this and the weak hemp organizations out there.

Have you ever wondered if the Cannabis organizations are really trying to take down ALL the false Cannabis laws OR just posing to be the good guy so they can take their share before you notice?