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Industrial Hemp

From Plant to product development including political, legal, processing for fiber & food, including other large growth areas. Mr, Lauve has been involved with the growth of Industrial Hemp in Colorado, N. Carolina, and international countries. Currently, he is working on projects in Costa Rica, Jamaica, New York, Colorado, Arizona, and more.

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Cannabis as a Medicine

The core of Mr. Lauve’s experience stems from his legal accomplishments and personal experiences with medical Cannabis. He has an extensive knowledge of existing research and application for use of medicinal Cannabis.

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Appearances and Presentations

There are so many who are sharing information about Cannabis. Mr. Lauve has an extensive history and experience pertaining to Cannabis. Take a look at his past experiences in the media and YouTube.

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Consulting and Policy

Looking for someone to disrupt the traditional approach to business?

The Cannabis renegade with an outlaw mentality
"My value is that I am not a very agreeable person,"

"I make mistakes and envelope the experience into asking questions, which promotes research and investigation. My curiosity leads to more research and then my conversations are full of passion about what I am saying. My value is that I am not a very agreeable person, as I appreciate people who question an approach, before it becomes a problem.

I believe that in any job, my responsibility is to be independent and capable of solving problems. This is a benefit to the person who trusts me in the position I am in to make the appropriate decisions. My ability to outline exactly what I am going to do, and do it, takes this responsibility to the maximum. I have had and will always believe that having mentors is critical to my professional and personal growth."

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  • Mr. Lauve is a dynamic and captivating speaker

  • He has already gotten it done, the other 35% is human



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The Cannabis renegade with an outlaw mentality



I am excited about the Hemp plant and its uses and how it has brought many opportunities together for the community.

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