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Jason Lauve started out as a New York City kid who got to experience more than just the concrete jungle in Manhattan, he also shared time for 9 years of his childhood in the Catskills on a farm in upstate NY.  Collaborating in maintaining a working farm, milking cows, gardening, dying wool, weaving and being stewards with nature and animals as the law of nature provides. Jason has a background in architecture, urban planning, environmental design, computer programming as a college level teacher in 3D animation and design. Currently, using his experiences, he is an active leader facilitating ways of relating with individual abilities, our rights, reintegrating into community, and an overall action of cooperation and connection to each other within the environment around us. This and more has him excited to continue his work with Cannabis as industrial hemp and a medicinal plant.

“I took the blows and did it my way.”
-Frank Sinatra

Jason Lauve is considered the innovator and leading light in Industrial Hemp development in the United States of America.

He chose to defend his Human Rights and won a Cannabis indictment in 2009.

In 2012 co-authored the first successful hemp legislation in Colorado.

2014 Jason wrote a 42 page document which initiated changes in legislation after hundreds of pounds of industrial hemp seeds bound from Canada to Colorado were seized by federal authorities at the North Dakota border.

Since then, Mr. Lauve has been instrumental, along with Richard Rose, in the momentum of North Carolina’s law and encouraged the cascade of bills across the country, not that they are all good ones. We still have a lot of work to do.

He has been involved with projects in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and other places around the world.

He holds two Supreme Court human rights protections in Mexico for Cannabis.

Using his skills, Jason has positively influenced how people thrive and live day to day on a local and international scale.

Today, he travels the world speaking to farmers and communities about Cannabis for health and industrial uses and is currently in Mexico.

Proven Success

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Mr. Lauve has made these successes because  of his deep belief in standing up for what is right.


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